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The LORD is my light and my salvation; Whom shall I fear? The LORD is the strength of my life; Of whom shall I be afraid? Ps 27:1

I need Advice!


Sometimes I welcome advice. Most of the time I welcome help--most of the time. But if I am responsible for causing the need for help, then I would rather not have someone else see what I have done and would rather fix it myself. I reject the advice. Even though my need for advice or help was probably caused by my inability to do it in the first place. My pride gets in the way of my life being made easier. I continue to make my life even more troublesome. I can relate that to what God wants to do for us. He volunteers to make my life easier but I am inclined to want to fix it myself. I don't take the help and advice so freely provided to me. I have to hang my head in shame for this.


Over the last couple of weeks, I am once again going to a physical therapy clinic. This time it is post surgery and is supposed to help me learn to be able to walk with far less pain than I have been having for months. I look forward to that day though I would like to have it happen sooner rather than later. I have been assured that it will get better but only after healing and muscles get retrained. I have a handful of sheets of paper that are printed with various exercises for me to do at home a couple of times a day. Exercises to retrain and strengthen muscles that have been on vacation since I wasn't using them. 


I needed this physical therapy just as there was a change in the personnel at the clinic. With one therapist leaving to get married, and another one coming--soon! I was caught in the middle with no available places for me to be scheduled into. My needs were shoved here and there in the schedule and I missed some days, and other times had back to back appointments to catch up in the scheduling. I also was given appointments with 3 different therapists as they tried to meet my needs. I am so glad that God doesn't have to schedule me into His schedule. He is always available to see me when I have need of His therapy to help me heal from what I have managed to do to myself and the troubles I have gotten into.


Three therapists and yet they all managed to make me know that they each were directing me on the same path and direction, It was as if they had all conferred as to what they were going to tell me and have me do, Yet I know that 2 of them did not even see each other. So they couldn't have conferred. They were of one mind. Reminds me of our Master Therapist! Our God Therapist is three persons and yet speaks to us with one voice with help and advice. We can depend on the agreement being what we need to hear and to do. They have the same goal for my life and know what I need. 


The therapist that was between the first one and her replacement went beyond addressing the immediate needs for healing my knee. She encouraged me to share other things that were concerning me. How did she get me to do that? I never do that kind of sharing! God wants me to share things with Him that I don't feel comfortable talking about with others. So, in my sharing she offered me advice that seemed to be just the opposite of what I had been thinking. Seemed to be the opposite of what I was needing. My inclination to solve the problem was to tense up and prevent it from happening! What she told me was, don't tense! Just relax! Hmmm, that did not seem right. She had to be wrong! But she continued to talk to me and convinced me to give it a try. She said that I would be amazed at how soon it would help. That for some, trying to fix the same problem, they had improvement immediately. I was pretty skeptical but did agree to at least try! Guess who was right and who was wrong? 


Don't try to think that Therapist God doesn't know what He is doing and telling. He is the one that knows! He is the one with the Omniscient attribute. Not me!  Can you agree with me to always place our trust in Him and not in what we ourselves think should be happening,


Relax! God's got this!




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