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The LORD is my light and my salvation; Whom shall I fear? The LORD is the strength of my life; Of whom shall I be afraid? Ps 27:1

Light… Light… and Light…


On the fourth day God created light. God gave us the sun to give us light and for warmth. Without it nothing could grow and live. Sometimes I really appreciate it when it gives me light to see. And when it shines through a raindrop or prism and gives me beautiful colors in the rainbows. And I enjoy its warmth when I am chilly! I am a bit more unappreciative when it shines in my eyes and  when it shines in all its glory and makes me too warm--too hot!!!! This week I saw a video clip of a satellite flying in orbit around the sun and marveled at the power of this ball of super fire, created by the hands of God. I am speechless when I see the immense estimated temperatures of this ball of fire. 

Did you get a chance to see the supermoon this week? It was the second of the 2 great lights that God created on that 4th day of that first week of our world and solar system. Someone called me and asked if I had seen it because they had enjoyed it so much and wanted me to share its impressive show. It was worth sitting on my deck to enjoy this nighttime beauty. I even saw tree shadows in the night that looked like daytime shadows as I looked out of the window in the middle of the night when I was supposed to be sleeping! I don't regret not seeing those shadows though. The moon set early in the morning this week has been equally impressive. 

And then there were the pictures made available for all to see from a brand-new telescope that is observing outer space. It is giving us views of what has existed for eternity, long before the 4th day of creation. Yes, I think that God probably created our own solar system and placed our earth in it and then put them into our Milky Way galaxy and that something impressive happened on that 4th day of creation. But the universe as a whole had existed long before that, according to what we read in our Bibles. However, it happened, the view of what is out beyond our own orbit around our sun is mind boggling!! And now we can see just how great our God is. I will never tire of seeing what is "out there"! And to try to imagine what else might be out there is even more mind boggling. When I remember that only we earthlings are the ones created in the image of God--then what are other lives like??? I want the day when we can learn who our space friends are to come very soon. I am getting tired of life that seems to be getting more and more difficult. I am so glad for the promise that God will not let us be without his care--ever. 

There is another light that I have enjoyed this week. It wasn't created on the 4th day though. It was probably created on the 6th day--maybe. Can you guess? It is a light that is mostly visible in July here in Iowa. Well, it isn't a light at all. There are many of these little lights. They are what I call lightning bugs. I like to look out over a field of soybeans and watch them sparkle and twinkle as they search for the perfect mate. Did you know that there are more than 2,000 species of this beetle that flashes its message? And more than 100 are in North America and most of those are east of the Mississippi River. Just think--the God who created the vast Universe, also created a vast tiny world that most of us never see even a fraction of. 

I am equally blessed to have "light!" The light that God loves me--and you! Light that shows me how to live so that I can live in safety and in joy in a world yet to be made new again. Light that never goes out. Light from God and His messengers that give me hope that this speck in the universe that we call home is not final! I often look forward to that day of renewal, a time of light and happiness to come.  A time to be able to visit the distant parts of the universe that we can only now see with a telescope. 

I can't leave these thoughts without mentioning one more "light". This week I saw a picture of a tiny little one who has just learned to smile at his mommy and daddy! His little face is smiling so beautifully. The smile of a baby is a special light of love! It makes my heart smile, and I am sure that God is smiling too! 

What a great God we have!  

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