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The LORD is my light and my salvation; Whom shall I fear? The LORD is the strength of my life; Of whom shall I be afraid? Ps 27:1

Miscellaneous Week… Kitty, Storms, Boxes, Spring and Heaven


Did you ever have a miscellaneous week? That is what I am thinking about my past week. Nothing stands out as very important, and yet it all came together in a way that I could often or almost always see God in what happened this week.  


About a week ago, a new kitty was left at our farm. A kitty that was lonely and hungry and who was missing his former family. He let us know in a very loud voice how lonely and sad he was and demonstrated it to us by rubbing and purring and grabbing our hands to give us the idea that we needed to give him more love. Yes, he was very hungry for kitty food, but his hunger for love was even greater. And he desperately wanted to come inside and find his home and loved ones. While he can't come in and live with us, he has won everyone's hearts and is receiving lots of love! He received a new name--he will now be known as Rusty. As we have adopted him into life on the farm, I can hardly wait until my adoption becomes complete when I reach my New Home and meet my New Family and receive my New Name and New Body. I will not be hungry because God has spiritual food and physical food for me that is far beyond imagination, and I will have my forever home! Heaven!


This week I worked again on sorting a couple more boxes! There seems to be no end to things that need to be sorted and organized. One box was full of things that I had torn out or clipped to be "sorted and filed". In this box of "paper" I discovered a kitty brush! What? Why was our kitty brush in that box instead of the drawer that is its home? Obviously, it was lost and could not have been used when needed. I know that I would never ever have looked in that box for it. I would have just been frustrated because it wasn't where it was supposed to be. But who could I blame? Only me! I am so thankful that God always knows where I am!!!! He doesn't have to search for me--He just waits for me to discover that I need to place myself in His care--every day!  He is never hidden away out of my sight! And I am never hidden out of His sight! I just need to learn to see Him at work in all things--including working in me!


I enjoy catching up on what is happening locally and in the world! I have my favorite go to places that I think that I can usually trust for "news." There is usually some good news, and there is always lots of bad news! When each bit of news, multiple times a day, for several days in a row - lets me know that bad weather was most certainly headed our direction - it did get my attention. Weather predictions are never a sure happening until while they are happening and most of us have learned to wait and see! But this time, so many different people and so many dire warnings - it got my attention! I happen to not like spring and summer storms—really, really, not like them!!!! The threat of hail and tornadoes is a threat that makes me take notice. I think my dislike of storms goes back to 1968 and the day we were to be practicing for my senior graduation. That was the day that the famous tornadoes of Oelwein and Maynard and Charles City took place. I will never forget the hail that we picked up from our yard. I cannot call them stones because they were the size of 8-9 inch dinner plates and looked like a huge snowflake plate with a baseball in the center. And then I remember the following days of my family assisting in helping with storm clean up. And later, we had our own need for community help with clean up after another storm. 


This week, there were so many dire storm warnings, that I finally just had to pay attention--it seemed like way more warnings than usual. The one thing that we can control is to put the cars away!!!!! It is a standing joke that if I am convinced of the need to put cars in safe places then the hail won't happen!! And that is a good thing!! And for us, the hail didn't happen in this last storm. In the end, we got no storm at all. I am thankful! So many others were not spared the effects of this week's storms. 


This has been a spring that hasn't happened--yet! The predicted storms did not happen--for us! We usually travel to Lincoln during this time of the year--that didn't get to happen. We thought we would have visitors this week instead--that didn't happen either! Just as spring hasn't come to stay--yet!  And yes, there are things that I am glad about, but I am also disappointed. My disappointment is nothing compared to how disappointed I will be if I miss out on my New Home. It is time to determine that I won't be disappointed in the end. Just as there were plenty of warnings for the upcoming possible bad storms, when we read and study, we have had plenty of warnings to prepare for what is ahead and get ready. We don't have to keep our weather radios on or our phones where we can hear a middle of the night alert! God has let us know--get ready now!! Ready for Him to come and take us home--our forever home with Him.  Should I never trust the weatherman again since the predictions didn't come true for us? No!! They have training and knowledge that makes them right almost every time. I can trust them; their warnings help keep people safe. Even so, I can always trust God's prediction and warning of what is coming. I just need to be prepared! Though the weatherman's predictions may not always come true, what we read about in the Scripture concerning God's warnings, always does come true.


My week included other miscellaneous things, birthday party, watching The Chosen, writing tasks with deadlines, several prayer requests, solving a puzzling issue, blood lab day, daily home things....so many things that need to be taken care of. They all are not terribly important--they are miscellaneous!


But--we are never miscellaneous to God!! I am always important to Him! And so are you!

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