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The LORD is my light and my salvation; Whom shall I fear? The LORD is the strength of my life; Of whom shall I be afraid? Ps 27:1

“Remote” Despair


Many years ago, we were blessed with a free TV.  Someone loves us! But--the convenience of having a remote control did not come with our blessing.

After attempting to use our gift without a remote, we learned that it was frustrating at best and at times almost impossible. This TV has manual touch controls that are hidden in a black strip at the bottom of the screen and basically invisible. Unless the light shines directly on the screen, you cannot see the touch buttons at all. Sometimes I have tried to gently run my fingers along the bottom panel in hopes of touching the right button for turning on and off. But regulating the volume or channel control--well, it is not likely to happen!  So, "smart technical" people that we are, we decided to solve our problem by purchasing a universal controller and program it for our make and model. As soon as we made our purchase, we realized that we did not like what we had purchased--it was not a wise purchase. But since we had made the purchase, we decided to live with our mistake. Being good stewards, we try to use our money wisely. Over the years of using our unwise purchase, many of the control buttons have ceased to work. And you can guess the level of our frustration has gone up as the buttons that work have gone down. Bad, misbehaving zapper is what we had.

Have you ever tried to take apart a factory built remote? They don't make it easy!! And for that reason, I am sure that many remotes end up in the trash! Perhaps we should have put ours in the trash long ago! But remember, we are part of a generation that fixes and makes do or does without. And since we didn't necessarily want to do without, we wanted to fix! When the remote was forced to open finally, it received an internal cleansing--each contact was cleaned thoroughly. And that did bring back many of the buttons to working order again. Missing mute and the number 3 can be troublesome but workable if you think about it. 

This past week, that annoying remote had reduced itself to 2 buttons that worked!!!! One, two! If you imagine that our level of annoyance was high, you imagine right! Once again, time to open the remote for more cleansing and again--it wasn't easy! But, well--the cleaning was supposed to improve how it worked this time--absolutely no improvement was the result!!!!  This time, I did what many would already have done. It landed in the trash to be hauled away to complete destruction, never to be used again. Next was a shopping trip for a new one.

The new one is just what we wanted. It is the right size, the right shape, easy to use, and for now, all the buttons work. And we are happy!!

This experience this week impressed us with some lessons to learn. We all have buttons that are invisible to others. Sometimes those invisible buttons get pushed--with less than desirable results. Unlike the TV, we can choose to not let our invisible buttons be pushed for undesirable results. Let God control the results and the results will be what we want to be. God makes us in unique models. We are one of a kind and only He knows what makes us work. We often don't do what we should! We get "dirty" and need cleansing. Then it is time to let the Master technician take and clean us up and get onto working for what we are called to do.  We make mistakes, more than we like or want. But praise God, we don't have to live with our mistakes. God has provided the way for us to ease our mistakes and start over. I am so thankful that I can know that my mistakes can be erased. 

While we got frustrated and threw away the remote, God controls our remote and does not separate us from Him; He does not throw us out. We just need to let ourselves be in His control. Each of us has something no one else has. Maybe you are called to be mute! Then hush up! Be mute! Maybe you have several talents to share with others--then share them! Don't be a number 3 and refuse to do His wishes--and never ever do as He wants!

I get frustrated at how life is going and not working out the way I think it should. This week I wanted to take control of a situation and work it out the way I think it should work out! We should be patient and let God work it out--then things will work out!!!!  It has been very hard for me to follow that bit of advice this week but I have been able to wait patiently to see how God is going to work it all out! He doesn't need my help! Nevertheless, I can hardly wait to learn how God is going to work it all out!

The remote died this week. Now we have a new addition! 

Which leads me to announce--we have a new addition--in our family! We are the proud grandparents of grandchild number 6! We are thanking God for the safe arrival. It wasn't all smooth but God has given doctors great knowledge and a caring attitude for those who need help. After several glitches, Baby Lucas has arrived and is taking his place in our family. We are praising God for him and his parents.  God has a plan for this little one and will continue to bless him!

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