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The LORD is my light and my salvation; Whom shall I fear? The LORD is the strength of my life; Of whom shall I be afraid? Ps 27:1

Riding a Roller Coaster!


My week had lots of ups and downs. We can see God when we have up moments, we think God has left us when things turn into down moments.

But I was mostly feeling up this week, hoping for good results! I am still hoping for the medical procedure I had to ultimately make it easier to walk. Walk without having to look like a crippled penguin. That is kind of almost amusing when you first try to picture it, but has given me lots of uncomfortableness, which are down moments. When I get a glimpse of myself in a mirror--well, that gives me even more down moments and I wish for my younger days to come back. But, I know that they cannot come back. Time moves forward whether I like it or not. I am sure that you feel the same. I had a couple of down moments when I still experienced more pain than I wanted. The procedure didn't fix the pain as soon as I had hoped. And I sometimes wear a downward turned smile which lets others know I am sad and in pain. This time of year, our thoughts turn to the days surrounding what happened to Jesus that ended in His crucifixion. He offered no complaints; He did not wear his pain on his face. Instead we know that His heart was filled with love for us and that He willingly gave His life so that we can be forgiven and face Him with clean hearts and a up feeling.


Sabbath came and it was a great up day! We had a good Sabbath School that included attendance by zoom--the more the merrier in a small church and we had a great time worshiping with God and together. The technology tried hard to give us a down moment during the sermon but the great message of what Jesus was doing before His crucifixion was very much appreciated. What could have been a down moment was turned into an up moment! Everyone was glad to greet friends, another up for the day! On the way home from church, we detoured a bit to see one of my favorite childhood places. Way back then, it was my favorite place to find pussy willows. And pick a Sabbath bouquet. One Sabbath the knife I was using cut my wrist wide open and gave me an unwanted anatomy lesson. While that was "down", finding the blessing of the pussy willows always made me "up"!  This week, we found a few willows still left but out of our reach. However, we made another discovery that made us happy and "up." We discovered a small beaver dam and the places where the beaver had breakfast and lunch! What a nice Sabbath discovery! This is close to a road and easy to see and often possible for us to see on our way home from church! We will have more UPs to come!


We came home to have lunch by ourselves and enjoyed a meal that had been a gift to us! Another "up" that we took note of! Then we took advantage of what God had planned when He set aside the Sabbath day for us--we rested! Rest that we so often need after a busy week. After that we went off to see what else God had in store for us that would be an "up" blessing for us. We drove to an area that is well known for lots of water birds and other marsh animals. We were a little disappointed and "down" when we discovered that large areas had been drained. The reason for draining is to kill off an invasive weed. Invasions are never good, usually making a feeling of "down." Invasions feel like they are sins, things that are put forth by an enemy! So, we felt "down." But then we heard a sound coming from beyond our sight that immediately made us return to our "upness!"  We could hear the sounds of a pair of sandhill cranes talking with each other. 


Deciding to explore the area a bit further, we drove on to another section. We found a dead end road that we decided to explore! We should have thought about a dead end being a "down" idea. But, unknown to us, it was going to be an "up" moment for us. We were greeted by a pair of geese that thought we were trespassing! And they told us in very pointed goose language! And then suddenly, we were given a great "up" moment! A pair of Sand hill Cranes flew low right in front of our car and on to a grassy meadow further along the river. It all made us so grateful that we had chosen that moment to go on that road! Up and Up and Up--then came the "down!" We arrived at the end of the dead end, expecting to find a turnaround loop! No loop though, just a chain across the road. Then we had to figure out how to turn around in a no turn around place. A "down" moment for sure.


The week has gone by with other ups and downs. Up in that I got a weekly chore done, down that it made my hip hurt. Up because I got a couple of answers back from the message sent out to family, down that others did not answer! Up when we had a wonderful sharing God conversation with a man that wanted to talk with us about how current events relate to the Bible. Down when I stood there too long and my body went into pain mode.

The day ended Up since it was prayer meeting night, then turned Down when something went wrong and we did not connect with anyone that wanted to pray.  Another up for me--Face book reminded me that it was my father's birthday week and that he would have been 106 years old. It is always an up feeling to remember the love and care that He always gave me and my brothers. And thoughts of him remind me of our Heavenly Father' love and care--a very very big UP!


I have listened to weather forecasts and they are doing their best to make me "down" in that I do not like dangerous weather. In the spring we have lots of ups and downs. The temperatures go up and are warm, then they go down and become cold. We sometimes act like spring weather. We are up and warm with our love for God, then we hit a rough spot and our spiritual life turns down and becomes cold. I am going to try to keep the Up feeling and trust God that He will continue to care for us--no matter what! That God is the author of all things UP and never the things that keep us Down. I am so thankful that I can trust God in day to day things, that He will continue to keep us on an upward path that leads UP--to Heaven. Don’t end up down on your roller coaster ride! Stay UP!

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