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The LORD is my light and my salvation; Whom shall I fear? The LORD is the strength of my life; Of whom shall I be afraid? Ps 27:1

Thinking of the Future – Thankful for a Faithful, Dependable God


This was an important week for many in our church. We started the week with a day at our conference constituency session. To attend the meeting involved a long 6-hour drive for us. Watching the decisions that were made with the guidance that only God can provide was interesting. Some delegates did not get their way… And I watched as several left early when their way was not the wish of the majority. It reminded me of kids that try to control the game their way and go against the coach. In this case, God was the gentle coach and led the team/group that had prayed for His will to be done. We have decisions that will shape our church for the next several years. God will bless our church.


After the meeting was over, came the 6-hour trip back home. We took a short side trip to see a covered bridge from days past. To see a bit of history always leads me to wonder about life years ago and the fortitude needed then. And to give thanks to God for His care and providence. No matter how bad I think things have become, living long ago probably had the same perspective and yet, God guided time moved forward to where we are now. I trust that God will see me, too, through the bad and into the wonderful times ahead. Then we continued to make our way towards home. The sky grew dark with storms ahead of us. I enjoy watching the sky change, changes in color and changes in clouds.


My father was a sky watcher. Watching the sky was important to him as a farmer, for many of his daily activities were determined by what was happening in the sky. And he was pretty good at predicting what was going to happen weatherwise from observing the sky. I wish I had learned those lessons better than I did. Sometimes watching the sky is beautiful and amazing, sometimes it is frightening, and I forget to trust, and I want what I see to go away! We have been told to watch the sky--for someday something so wonderful is going to happen! For many it will be scary, and they will want to go hide. It will be a cloud bringing death and destruction.  But for others, we will watch in amazement as a tiny cloud grows larger and larger and we will welcome it! It will not be a deadly cloud for us at all, no storms for us. Instead, it will be a cloud bringing salvation to those who love God and have waited for Him for so long.


As we continued our trip home, watching the sky, we realized we were going to be driving in the rain--lots of rain. That much rain causes very slow driving and delays. At one place, we saw a notice sign telling us of an accident 7 miles ahead and that the left lane would be closed. Periodically, there were notices updating--telling us 5 miles ahead, then 3 miles ahead. It was obvious that most were trusting that they had time to prepare or that somehow the problem would magically go away--during the pouring rain!! Many were not following the repeating sign's instruction. When we were fairly close to the area that would be involved, we noticed that even then many cars were very much speeding in the lane that was blocked ahead while those of us that had obeyed instruction were creeping slowly along--in the pouring rain. It appeared to be a very selfish move of those that decided to stay in the left lane. Yes, it was frustrating. Those selfish drivers were making our travel even slower as they selfishly tried to squeeze in somewhere ahead--forcefully. We were traveling along behind a semi-truck that I normally do not like to be behind. I prefer a view of what is ahead. After a while--we noticed that the truck driver appeared to be going to move into the left lane that was speeding on by. You can imagine that we were not exactly pleased--at first! Then we began to realize that the truck movement into the left lane had not progressed. He was driving down the center of the 2 lanes and blocking anybody from going around him on either side! The driver of the truck had been observant--and maybe just as frustrated as we were with the disobedient and selfish.  He took control because he cared, and he could. He became a savior of sorts. And we gave him thanks for that. And wished we could tell him thanks in person. God is in control of the selfish world we live in. We are traveling along in many storms of life. We see others disobeying in almost every part of life. Perhaps you, like me, are frustrated and just wish for obedience. And yet, everyday more and more people seem to live selfishly. The good news is they have been warned about what is ahead. And soon God will take charge of the situation and end their selfish disobedience. I long for that day. I am going to say Thank You God when the trip of the disobedient comes to an abrupt end. I also am determined to not be one of those who are selfish now and disobeying God's rules and rules set by moral standards. The storm and the accident definitely delayed us. God will not let storms and accidents delay His coming to take us home. He will be right on time--when the time is right!


The rest of the week was virtually attending our world church's constituency meeting that we call the General Conference Session. It has been thrilling to virtually listen to wonderful music shared by those who love God from around the world. And the daily words of inspiration. I have enjoyed watching our church at work, voting in leaders, and defining how our church functions and works for each of us. Some are frustrated with what has taken place this week. But perhaps those frustrated that they didn't get "their way", forgot that many prayers were said before and during the session for God to lead and for His will to be made clear. 


Let's trust that the same God who sets up political kingdoms and rulers, also sets up our church leaders and guides at all times. Let His will be done in me and in all who will let Him in. 

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