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The LORD is my light and my salvation; Whom shall I fear? The LORD is the strength of my life; Of whom shall I be afraid? Ps 27:1

Thoughts on Pennies


Recently I needed to find a certain item that I am supposed to have and to keep track of. I don't use it very often so I rarely think about this item. But when I need it, it can be found in a pocket in my small purse/billfold. There are multiple pockets with a couple of zipper pouches. And lots of slide in pockets for driver's license, health insurance cards and other mostly important stuff. And the item I need to keep track of is usually in one of those slide in pockets--but not this time! So, I went on a search of every pocket and pouch and removed many items. And---I did this search 3 times! I finally had to confess and apologize that the needed item was at this moment in time not going to be found. I don't think it is permanently missing, just missing for now, and I do not know where to go looking for it right now.  The good news, I am not lost to God. He knows right where I am, at all times, and doesn't need to spend extra time looking for me! I am so glad that God has promised to not lose me unless I choose to be lost. 

One part of this billfold purse is a pocket pouch that I have designated coin purse. Part of my search had to involve searching this part too! It was very full of coins that had built up. I guess it should go to church with me so that I would remember that there is a basket for spare coin gifts to be used for mission and youth projects. Anyway, It was too full! I emptied it out of every coin but did not find my missing item there either. And decided that not all was going back into the coin pocket. I sorted the quarters, then the dimes, and then the nickels. Next I put 10 pennies back into the coin pouch. That left a pile of pennies that I needed to decide what to do with them. Decision made, they will go to church for the mission/youth offering basket. No, I am not that stingy--they deserve more than pennies! But I have always been told and know that every penny counts! There are stories of saving 1 penny on day 1, 2 pennies on day 2, 3 pennies on day 3 and 100 pennies on day 100 and so on and it doesn't take long to accumulate a large sum of money. So I never throw pennies away!  

 I remember once when we were traveling that we were having numerous problems and did not reach a campground in time. We were forced to spend the night in our car and there were several of us! One thing that is often necessary at night is a restroom and our van is not modern in that respect. 

The best we could do was notice that there was a McDonald's open quite late nearby! A place of relief! We left our van parked and several of us went for the late night walk. The doors were locked! The only part of the building open was the drive up window. So we walked through the drive up window area and asked to use the restroom! What we noticed and were quite impressed with was the amount of coins of all denominations that were on the ground beneath the drive up window. Apparently many people did not think that the coins they lost were worth retrieving. My kids DID think they had value and did not hesitate to clean up the road way as they walked through! Jesus said, "I will never leave you nor forsake you!" He will always want to retrieve me and you! 

Thinking about pennies reminds me of something that I heard so often when I was a kid. My mother liked to have conversation. My father was happy being much more quiet. Opposites attract? Anyway, I so often heard her say to him, "A Penny for Your Thoughts?" Then there would be a period of quiet. Finally, he might say, what do you want me to talk about? Sometimes it seems like God is my silent partner. I think I want Him to talk back to me. On second thought, I remember some of the things that others were told when God did speak to them. I think I will wait until I get to heaven to hear God's voice in person. For now I will make do with the quiet voice in my head and heart telling me what I should or should not do. And try to always obey. I am sure when I can speak with God in person in heaven it will be so wonderful and with joy--not fear as Adam and Eve had.  

One day Jesus watched a woman put in her "penny" in the offering plate. Around her others noticed and complained about her measly little "penny gift." Jesus reprimanded them! Her penny was every bit as appreciated as their "100 dollar bills". Yes. Jesus needs more than pennies from us to complete His work. We are asked to give all! My all is different from your all! But He does need us to give our lives to Him, every day, in every way. You might feel like just a penny in the big picture of God's work. Nevertheless, He will save you and me and others and we will fill His bank someday! 

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