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The LORD is my light and my salvation; Whom shall I fear? The LORD is the strength of my life; Of whom shall I be afraid? Ps 27:1

Waiting and watching!


This week was the end of many days and weeks and months of ANTICIPATION, for many. My husband was one of them. It has seemed that every conversation, every newscast was obsessed with an anticipated event. Casual conversations often discussed this event. It seemed to be more important than serious events. 


In the overall picture, it really wasn't worth all the attention it received. It was all about---a game! It is amazing how obsessed this game caused people to be. Billions and billions of dollars were spent on this "just a game" event. I know, many will consider my opinion a sacrilege! It is an event that is looked forward to every year for nearly a year! Just a ball game but this was the Super Bowl! The most anticipated sports event of the year. And the most betted on. In my opinion what a waste of money that could have been used for much more worthy projects.


We all have things we anticipate. We anticipate phone calls. For me, I am anticipating the day of our quarterly family zoom call that is coming soon. With our family growing larger and many miles separating most of the members, we are trying to stay in touch as a family with this modern convenient, easy, cheaper way to visit with everyone. It is always lots of fun! I am sad when something keeps this special call from happening. Jesus eagerly awaits our calls to Him. We are  His family.


Recently we anticipated getting a new to us car. We knew that there would be something for us, we just didn't know what. But then we found one and paid the price. We knew it was a used car and we anticipated that there would eventually be something that we would have to repair. We did not think that something would go wrong on the second time we drove it. We were many miles from home on a Friday night—yup, it was a very dark night. A loud strange noise from the engine does make most people concerned and that included us. After using the handy cell phone flashlight, we eventually made the decision to continue, slowly on our way to the next town and then reevaluate. We left messages warning that we were having trouble and might need rescuing! And then continued on our way home, carefully and slowly. And relieved that we did not have to spend the night along the road or needing a tow truck. We didn't even need the willing rescuers. As soon as we could, the car was taken to be repaired! The anticipated repair happened way sooner than we wanted and was not what we wanted. 


Valentine's Day comes with anticipation. People anticipate flowers, chocolates, truffles, and candy, romantic dinners or eating out, beautiful cards, hearts and arrows, perhaps jewelry, a trip, and many other possible good things that come with LOVE! How romantic to spend time with someone special! God wants us for His valentine every day of the year every year. His love for us makes us know that We Are His Special Valentine! I anticipate the day when we can walk and talk with Him in person and spend time with him face to face.


We anticipate good grades, baptism, graduations, new jobs, first jobs, first love, first house, first baby, upcoming surgeries, vacation camping trips, travel, the next TV episode of "a favorite program”, the next Olympic games, the end of a good book, spending time with family.

I anticipate losing weight, building muscle, future surgery, no more painful hip, and walking without pain!

There are things we anticipate that we don't enjoy--root canals, blood pressure checks, blood draws, certain hard-to-do exercises, running out of gas, going in the ditch, tornadoes, and floods, making someone angry, car and appliance breakdowns....

Many people of old anticipated the first coming of Jesus but then they weren't ready and waiting and looking for Him in the place that had been prophesied.


We anticipate Sabbath, the next communion service, the end of the "time of trouble", the Second coming, and a new home in Heaven. 

Many are anticipating the second coming of Jesus. The question is this--will they be ready, waiting, and watching for Him. The early Adventists were anticipating the Second coming in 1844 and then were disappointed until they learned that the day was yet to come. Then they rejoiced in anticipation once again.


I anticipate getting all things new—new hair, a new singing voice, a new body, a new mansion, a new life with everyone who has chosen Jesus. SOON!

There are things we don't anticipate! 


       We don't anticipate hell, mass shootings, car accidents, car trouble, cancer and disease, a F for failure, fired from a job! The Israelites didn't anticipate what a march to Canaan would be like. The Egyptians didn't anticipate the power of God. The Jerichoites didn't anticipate what the marching around their city would do. But what we don't anticipate, often does come true and happen.


How much do we anticipate and long for the Second Coming? Our longing could lead to great disappointment or great deception. We must be careful to expect the unexpected! We anticipate living an honest life filled with love and obedience. We don't anticipate falling into Satan's traps that are set for us. But we do--when we least anticipate falling. I can wish and wish and pray for the temptations to be removed. Yet they are still there. Instead, I need to pray for the help to not yield to the temptations. I can always anticipate that God will send the help because I have asked for the help.    

So, “anticipation" is “getting ready for what God has told you is coming.” Noah began building the ark, by faith, “in anticipation of a flood when warned about things not yet seen, in Godly fear to save his family.”  Hebrews 11:7.

We must be waiting expectantly, fully believing that God will fulfill His Word in our lives. Only then will we see the gifts of His faithfulness. Father, Help me to be like Simeon, who waited with expectation/​anticipation, faith, and hope that You would fulfill Your promise to Him, and to Israel. In Jesus' Name, Amen.



In your anticipation, are you trusting God?

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