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The LORD is my light and my salvation; Whom shall I fear? The LORD is the strength of my life; Of whom shall I be afraid? Ps 27:1

Warmer and Brighter – The Weather and Our World


As I listened to the weather people talk about our weather this week, they all agree that we are having lots of wind and very cool temperatures. So many are wishing for warmer weather to finally get here. It does seem like it is past time for spring to feel like spring. Because our house seems kind of cool in the mornings when we start the day, we want comfort. In our home, we depend on wood or wood pellets to provide the warmth that keeps us comfortable. So, every morning when it has been cool--cold!--during the night, it is my duty to build a fire. I have my way of layering the various fire-starting materials. And of
course, my way is the right way!  First, I get some newspaper and make paper wads until I have a nice layer in the firebox. Next comes a layer of what we consider wood trash--small pieces of wood, bark, sawdust....  Then I like to put in some sticks--the small pieces of wood that are only good for short-term burning. Then finally I put in several pieces of large wood that will burn longer and hotter. Finally I use a match and start the bottom layer of paper wads on fire. When all goes well, I have a fire that will burn for at least a couple of hours and keep me and the house warm. What I consider the perfect order reminds me that God has his own perfect order that he wants us to remember. To get out and away from His order of things only means that I choose my way over His way and my way is probably the wrong way. 

On Thursday morning, once again our house was cool when we started to begin our day's duties. It didn't take long to figure out that I needed to build my perfect layers for a proper fire. I started out to build my layers and wadded up the newspaper. And prepared to add the next layer of wood trash. Next, I needed some "sticks" and that meant going to the wood box in the entryway to bring some back to the stove. By the time I got back with the sticks, there was smoke beginning to waft up from the lowest layer of paper! How could that be from a cold stove and no match? Of course, my husband would have told me--did you stir the ashes? Well, no I didn't, but the stove was cold, and I did not think stirring would have made a difference. It was a really cold stove! And yet, where there is smoke, there is fire! I finished my layers and shut the door and within seconds, I had a proper roaring fire. And of course--there was a lesson in that fire! No matter how cold you are, or someone in your family, or your church is cold, God can take a tiny, tiny spark and grow that spark into a warm and friendly fire that will warm you or your family or your church. Perhaps you can't see or feel that spark, but God can. He can build the fire and grow it to a mature fire that burns brightly and gives and shares with all. Let God take that small unseen spark, let Him build and develop you until He has you prepared to share His warm love with the world around you.

So many people have commented on the missing signs of spring returning this year. One thing that we can be assured of the signs of Christ's returning are not missing! Every day as we read about, listen to, and see things happening around the world, we can see that prophecy is being fulfilled! Things that we know must happen before God comes to take us Home are now happening and wickedness is increasing!!! While it all makes me feel sick, I also have a bit of joy in the fact that this trouble will all soon end! One sign of spring that I have noticed is a tiny blue flower blooming in my yard that I have been told is called the Glory of the Snow! It is my sign that spring is coming--it has resurrected itself from lying dormant resting below ground for 12 months. It never lasts more than a week in bloom and is almost always the first flower that I see in my yard though it tied with the little Hepaticas this year! I am enjoying them both. I am so glad that we are promised a resurrection Glory Day when we can greet our long gone loved ones again after their long sleep waiting for Jesus to return and wake them up. My Glory of the Snow used to be found in just a couple of places. But over the years, it is showing up in more places. It has shared itself, and its beauty, to make the world just a bit brighter.

I too want to make the world just a bit brighter.

Go and make your world a bit brighter! Let God's love shine from you!

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