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The LORD is my light and my salvation; Whom shall I fear? The LORD is the strength of my life; Of whom shall I be afraid? Ps 27:1

We found something!


Once upon a time an old dresser, sometimes called a bureau, was a treasured and useful item of furniture in my grandparents’ house. It had probably been useful long before that, perhaps in their parents’ house also. More recently it was in my parents’ home always occupying a place in their dining room. It has drawer pulls that are unique rings. I played with them as a young child. And I would love to know its complete history and maker.  As far back as I can remember, the bottom drawer was not supposed to be touched by me and my brothers. It was used by our father, the church treasurer, for so many, many years. We were given to understand that the drawer was set aside for church treasurer's business--always trusting God to keep it safe! And there never ever was a time when it wasn't safe. God's protection of what was His was so evident to us.

More recently this old and treasured bureau has a valued place in our own home and we feel privileged to have it. To me it is beautiful and an everyday reminder of my mother and father. Just recently, we have moved it from one place to another. I have many things occupying the space in each of the four drawers. Right now, they are being used in place of a China hutch and have our wedding set of dishes and other fragile glass items and special dishes that my mother treasured. Those drawers make the bureau too heavy to be moved intact so we carefully took each drawer out and placed them on the floor. Then the empty bureau was moved into its new home. 

It became evident to me that I needed to clean and dust my bureau. I don't think that I have been the only one to neglect that part of regular cleaning. I confess to taking short cuts sometimes, but others did, too!  At any rate, this week seemed to be a good time to clean since the drawers were out and since we could see the neglect!  Years of neglect!!  As I contemplated the acrobatics that would be necessary to reach into the deepest and out of easy reach corners, to do the required dusting and web removal, I thought that maybe another method would make my life easier. Especially easier since my husband "enjoys" using tools like the vacuum tool! I appreciated how easily he agreed with me! He then did what many men do--he inspected the way it was made--that is, how the bureau was made. I confess that maybe I inspired his closer look as I was hoping he could make the drawers slide in and out easier. Of course he could!!! A bit of silicon spray should make me happier. Then he noticed that there were several very worn places--a natural problem for something as old as this bureau. He discovered that one piece needs some repairs. I am very glad that he discovered this before we put everything back in place. 

And then, another discovery. First, he found a bow from an old pair of glasses minus the ear cushion on the bow. Who had worn a one ear pair of glasses? And soon after he pulled out another object. This object would have lots of interesting history--if we had someone to ask about it. It is an antique men's straight razor. I have heard stories of people finding rare antiques worth lots of money. Sadly, this one is not. I did what lots of people do and googled to learn more. I found out that straight razors were excavated in Egypt dating back to the 4th millennium BC. Ours is definitely not that old! And it is not the valuable one that I saw you could buy for over $1300. In fact, I am sure that the one we now have has absolutely no value at all except that it probably belonged to someone in our family so many years ago. It is rusty, and worn, and the blade has chipped places in it, almost as if one could use it as a saw. Yes, we found a find but it certainly is a find with no value. Can't even give it much family history value.

This story has some lessons hidden in it for me--perhaps for you too. When we follow God's plan, He covers us in His drawer of safe keeping. When God looks deep into the hidden corners of our hearts, He finds things we thought were hidden--old dirt and ancient webs of sin and deceit. He inspects us and if we allow Him, He can make daily life so much easier for us and He won't need some silicon spray to do it either. God discovers things in us that need repair--and offers to fix us, repair our broken places.

No matter how invaluable we may feel and think we are--God will always find value in us!!! Some days I feel like I'm getting old and less useful to my family, the church, perhaps to God. I need to remember that He gave His life for me, for us. How much more do we need to know that He loves us--me and you!

Know that you are loved--by your family and by many others and most of all by God.

Have a wonderful day knowing that you are a valued and special part of God's family--even though you and I have some dirt and webs that we need to clean up.

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