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The LORD is my light and my salvation; Whom shall I fear? The LORD is the strength of my life; Of whom shall I be afraid? Ps 27:1

We learn to walk!


Recently we had an almost 2-year-old little man in our home—something that we don't get to have happen very often. As we get older, we seem to have forgotten how incredible the little ones are.  We have had the pleasure of watching him grow and learn every few months. God has created in each of us tremendous potential for growing and developing in a most marvelous way. Anyone who thinks that just a few small cells have no life is incredibly mistaken. It doesn't take many months after birth to be amazed at what God has given in the new life that came from just a few cells. 

This little man entered our home, and it was plain to each of us that he remembered being in our home before. He did not stop to greet us. He did not look around to observe the place where his Daddy had brought him! He immediately left his Daddy's side and began walking with a very firm purpose and destination in mind. The last time he was in our home, he was not yet walking—sort of! As a grandma with four boys of her own and as an older sister to three brothers and aunt for 2 nephews, this grandma had been amazed that, while he wasn't walking on his two feet back then, he was walking—on his knees! I was so interested in this that I had googled knee walking to see if he was the only one to do it. Of course, I learned that it was fairly common, just not to me.  It was so interesting to learn about it. And now on his latest visit to us, he was no longer walking the hard way, on his knees! This time he had learned to trust his feet for taking him places he wanted to go. And go was what he was doing!


He headed with purpose and determination straight to where he remembered that a toy box had been! Lucky for him or maybe for me, I had not moved it from where it had been before! How amazing that it was remembered after a couple of months ago. I had not realized that it had so much interest for him then, that it became his focal point this time. God creates each of us so unique. We are unlike anyone else. We know we have unique fingerprints, but I would venture to say that there is absolutely everything about us that is unique and distinguishes us/me from anyone else! God created me to be me and not anyone else. Our ways are also unique. Our characters are only ours and cannot be duplicated by anyone else. And how we learn is unique to only us. And knee walking is quite unique! I am glad that my character is only mine. I am pretty sure that one of me in this world is quite enough! But I am comforted to know that God loves me despite my individual unique character! I am very glad that God—and my husband—and my kids—love me just as I am! Though personally, I wish I could change some things that make me unique!  We have watched his determination, sometimes attempting the impossible. Sometimes being determined enough to attempt and then accomplish something that he struggled very hard to do—like climbing up on a chair for the first time. Makes me think that I need that kind of determination when it comes to overcoming the problems and obstacles in my way to living as Jesus wants me to do. I should not give up and declare sanctification impossible for me!


What a fun little man to watch and enjoy! He spends much of his time with his Daddy and it is easy to see that Daddy is special to him. He does not let his Daddy get very far out of sight and is very worried when Daddy disappears from his sight. It does not trouble this grandma that he does not want to spend time with me. I get it! God is my Father! I want to spend time with Him, our Father. And like earthly fathers, He is glad that I want Him in my life. This little man watches his Daddy. When Daddy picks up a tool to use, there are little eyes watching every detail. His observation taught him how to hold the hammer and how to operate the screwdriver drill and make it turn on. And when the tool is put down, it then becomes an opportunity for a copycat. He stood as close to his Daddy as he was allowed and watched everything!!!! I watched him pick up the screwdriver drill and place it in position on a screw to screw in a screw that Daddy had already screwed in. He put it perfectly in place on the screw and pressed the switch to screw in that screw! He understood exactly what to do. The hammer was also used just as hammers should be used. Our Father God gave us an example to follow. I am so glad that we have the chance to copy and learn from our Example! We do not have to wonder how to become what He wants us to be. We can copy and learn from the Example He provided us. We know how to walk in His footsteps and go where He wants us to go and to do what He is showing us—how to grow more like Him. May you and I be as good imitators as the little man! What would Jesus do and what do I need to do to be like Him?


We do not have an extra bedroom for a little man. He ended up sleeping in the same bed as his Daddy. When he woke up and needed some consoling, grandma did not have ways that suited in the dark and with still a bit of sleepiness. I tried but my efforts were pretty much rejected. Daddy came into the room and tried the same things! But his efforts must have had something about them that was different and special! I am sure that there was trust involved. Little man had had past experiences of being consoled and loved by his Daddy. A father's love will top a grandma's love almost every time. We can trust our Father for His love and consoling when we need it. We just need to trust and turn to Him when we have something that is troubling us.


Even though our little man has learned to walk and is very certain his feet will take him where he wants to go, I watched him also reach out to various things in our home and things outside where a work project was being done. He was reaching out for assurity of safety. I watched and then realized that he was reaching out in the very same way that I reach out to a piece of furniture as I attempt to walk—from here to there! I reach out to something stable and do not trust my walk without some kind of object that provides me comfort that I have support. When I can't reach out for something stable, then I have to try and struggle to the next convenient object and stretch out to reach it.  And, yes, I have a handy walker. It just isn't always possible to use it or have it with me. Then it occurred to me—I have become like a little child as I grow older as I reach out for support and safety.

​In M​att​hew 18:3​ and 4—And he said, “I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven."

What does it mean to become a little child? We must be submissive, meek, humble, patient, full of love,​ and also have a need for correction.​ While I am walking and reaching out like a little child, I fear that I am not quite like a little child yet! I have some more learning and developing to do! I am not meek enough, humble enough, not so patient, and really not totally submissive yet. I need correction. Little man is learning how to obey his father! I fear that often I am far from being totally obedient! Oh my, I am far from being like a child according to the Bible definition! 

But I love my Father and want to copy Him and learn His ways and accept His comfort!


I am trying to walk—as a child of God!


PS—Little Man has a mommy who loves him so very much. But she was not able to visit us along with him this time. She was busy doing God’s work.

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